Sep 28

My new staff came in to work early this month. A Malay chap of 23 years old. He has worked in other companies that pays him well. When asked why he stopped his job, he told me that he has health problem. When pressed further, he told me that he has “slip disc” problem on his back. His previous job requires him to carry heavy loads of boxes and that is where the problem started. I was not surprised that he would suffer slip disc on his back. He is obese with weight of 120kg and height of only 172cm.

With his condition, there are not many choices of work that is available for him. Working in a cyber café would not be a problem for him as it does not require any heavy lifting. That is why he is willing to work even though the pay is low. I guess it is better than having no work at all.

It seems that he was a healthy and active teenage during his school days. He played rugby but all his fitness went down the drain when he started working in McDonald restaurant. The free food that he ate everyday caused his weight to increase to where it is now. No matter what the company tries to advertise otherwise, McDonald food is not healthy. It should not be our daily diet if we want to be healthy.

Furthermore, just like the average Malay boys, he smokes. I did not allow him to smoke in the shop and advised him to stop smoking. It will take a tremendous amount of willpower if he ever decides to quit smoking and regain his healthy BMI weight. I think I will challenge him to reduce his 30kgs within 3 months time. Is it achievable? When there is a will to do, it is achievable.

Jul 30

One of the greatest example of generational strongholds was conducted in [1] In 1900, A.E. Winship tracked down fourteen hundred of the descendants of Jonathan Edwards a pastor and university president and Max Jukes, he published his study of the Edwards children in contrast to the Jukes children.   

Jonathan Edwards:  Born 1703

Max Jukes:  Born 1700

A man of God and married to a woman of like character. He was 24 and she was 17. On their wedding night they committed their marriage to the Lord. Their descendants included:

300 clergymen - some missionaries and theological professors.
100 professors.
100 attorneys.
30 judges, 1 dean of a law school.
60 physicians, 1 dean of a medical school.
3 mayors of large cities.
60 authors of fine classics.
14 presidents of universities.
3 State Governors.
1 Controller of the US Treasury.
1 Vice-President of the USA.

A non-believer, who married a woman of like character. She lacked principle, among other indecencies, including the occult. Of their 1200 descendants -

310 were professional vagrants.
440 wrecked their lives through debauchery.
130 went to jail - 7 for murder, average sentence: 13 years.
More than 600 became alcoholics.
60 were habitual thieves.
190 became public prostitutes.
20 became tradesmen, 10 of whom learned their trade in prison.
That descendancy cost the state of New York $1,250,000.


Generational strongholds, are ways of thinking and blindness transferred from generation to generation.  Only the power of Gospel, has the power to break these generational strongholds,  which can dominate families. 

** taken from

Jul 5

In ancient times, onions and garlic have been used to ward off “evil spirits” and “bad lucks”. It is also believed that putting onions or garlic in the room will ward off sickness. As the knowledge of medicine increases, it has been found that these practices and beliefs are not totally baseless. Onions and garlic have been scientifically studied and having medicinal value. Onions have antibacterial effects while garlic have antibiotic value. There are many other usages for these two ordinary spices.

One of the unknown effect of onions is that it ward off mosquitoes. I’ve tried it by cutting in half the onions and placed in in my room. Lo and behold, I slept soundly that night without the disturbance of the mosquitoes. There is no irritating buzzing sound of the mosquitoes heard that night. It is also known that by placing onions in the room, it helps to ward off sickness due to its antibacterial effect. Try it coz you have not much to loose.

Jun 7

Ye Yit is a jovial girl in our church. She is very friendly and get along well with all the children in the Sunday School. Two of my children are very close to her and always play with her with they meet. She is a bit plump in size but nobody would have thought that she would have any health problems. One day, we received an sms from our church full time worker informing us to pray for Ye Yit. She had epileptic seizure and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The news came as a big surprise for us. We have not heard of such cases for a very long time. The only other case of epileptic seizure that we can remember was almost 30 years ago where one of my classmates in the primary school suddenly had such seizure. It was a shock to see my classmates in such seizure. We do not know what is happening and could only watch and see while our teachers tried to help her.

I am not sure whether the hospitals at that time have the medicine to treat epileptic seizure. Even now, we have been told by Ye Yit’s parents that there is no total cure for Ye Yit’s condition. She would have to take medicine for the rest of her life. To be under medication for the rest of her life is like a “life sentence”. There would be times when she would not be able to do the things normal girls do because she has to monitor her health.

At this age, we are fortunate that the level of health care have improved tremendously. Various researches have been conducted and many advances have been made possible. What we do not know about pediatric neurology three decades ago is well researched and made known to the public albeit in certain countries. I do hope that it would be possible for her to get better treatment in the future.

May 17

I’ve written about the clinic beside my shop that supply methadone to former drug addicts. Almost every day I would see the regular guys coming to the clinic and get their dosage of methadone. The clinic doctor told me that because of the effect of drug abuse in their body, their body would not be able to feel much of the senses that normal people would feel. As such, they need to take methadone which has the effect of giving them back their senses though temporarily. Being a layperson to the medical world, this sounds like a contradiction. It is like the former drug addict has to depend on another drug to be “normal” again. Maybe it is a choice of having to choose the lesser evil.

The other day while driving through the local neighborhood, I saw the banner outside the local government clinic informing the public that they provide the supply of methadone. I have never thought of government clinic publicly advertising the supply of drugs to the public or in this case to the former drug addicts. It is as though the government clinic is trying to make money from supplying methadone to former drug addicts. Another thought that came to my mind is that the number of drug users or former drug addicts in this case has reached a big percentage of the population that it necessitates the use of advertisement banner. I can only speculate on this matter.

If however, you need to find any of the Atlanta drug abuse rehab centers or Atlanta Drug Rehab, just do an online search and you will be able to find one. For those who want to address their drinking problem, an online search for Atlanta alcohol rehab would produce many results. Your efforts to be free from such bondage can succeed with the right help.

Mar 28
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My mom loves to bake and she is really good at it too. She can bake anything including pies, cakes, cookies, pastries, and even Baklava. Most of the recipes she uses are the recipes that my grandmother used. My grandmother recently passed away and she left all of her cookbooks and recipes to my mom. She had even more recipes than we ever imagined. Almost every other day, my mom is trying out a new recipe. All of them are so good and they taste just like my grandma made them. My mom has decided to open a bakery and name it after my grandma. She is only going to use the recipes from my grandma. Once she found the place to have her bakery and set everything up, she needed to set up phone and internet. She went to and it was so easy to set everything up. They bakery has been doing really well so far and I am so glad. It is the perfect way to help remember my sweet grandmother, and I think she would have loved our bakery.

Mar 28

waves opposing the ship

Christians are often depicted in Scripture as on a journey in this world. We are going through the wilderness of this world to the Kingdom of God. In Ephesians 4:14, the apostle Paul places this journey on the turbulent waters of a sea. There are times where the winds can rise to blow us off course. We must remember that contrary winds can be weathered by tacking against them. By doing so it allows us to make forward progress toward our destination despite the opposition.

Mar 19

Much have been written about this topic and there are various claims in the internet on how a certain products can enhance a person’s sexual fulfillment. Some claims are true, some are half true but mostly are false claims. Sex is indeed the best intimate experience a couple can have and it should be done within the boundary of a marriage. And the man has a bigger responsibility to ensure that the sexual act with his wife is pleasing not just for himself but also for his wife. Mental and emotional understanding of his wife’s sexual needs can make a lot of difference.

Therefore, read as much possible how you can please your wife and put it into practice. At the same time train your body and your sexual organ in order to please your wife. If for some reasons, we need additional help, my view is that it is always best to go for natural organic products. Always check the ingredients of the products and do a search on each ingredients. If the ingredients have been scientifically studied, it would be much safer to trust.

tongkat-ali-extract.jpg Tongkat Ali is a well known plant that can increase men’s libido.

Mar 14

Degenerative muscle disease

In an age where time is limited and your daily schedule is cramped with schedules and activities, it is no wonder that our body is taking its toll. By the time we reached home at night, we are totally exhausted and we just want to have our sleep. Not all can just doze off when they reach home, other needs demand their attention too. There is just no time to get some exercise and over time this will lead to degenerative muscle disease or many other sicknesses.


If your work does not give you the luxury of free time to exercise your body, then you have to find other ways to exercise your muscle. So the question for most people is not about relaxing our muscle but on how to exercise our muscle. The more we exercise our muscle the better and stronger it gets. Our muscle needs to be used. However, overused muscles can also be a problem to many. Whatever your situation is, you might want to visit LGMedSupply online and check out their TENS Units, Muscle Stimulators and many other products available. Many people suffered from various muscle pain which disrupt their daily activities. Any relief from the pain is indeed a blessing to most of us. The LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator seems a good product to consider. If you want more information, check out their online customer blog and decide for yourself. At the meantime, good posture habit and knowing how your muscle works will be a great help in preventing muscle pain.

Mar 2

mountain stream
Why is a mountain stream one of nature’s loveliest sights? And so interesting? Some say “because it’s flowing.” Yes, but that’s only part of the answer, for many streams that flow rapidly are not half so fascinating as the brook that tumbles down a mountainside. The mountain stream is interesting because of the obstacles it encounters on its rush to the sea. Mainly rocks, these obstacles create the splash, spray, gurgle, roar, and white foam which make the mountain stream man’s delight. Suppose, if you can, that the stream ran down a perfectly smooth creek or river bed—smooth on the sides and the bottom—with no curves, no big boulders in the middle, no deep pools to hold it back? We wouldn’t care to look at it long. The things that get in its way make it interesting, But that’s only half the benefit. The indescribable beauty we can see. Another result of these obstacles we see only indirectly. The stream is made and kept fresh, pure and life giving because of the rocks. We all know that a flowing stream purifies itself. A mountain stream keeps doubly fresh. Agitated constantly, swirling around the rocks, and thrown into contact with the air by waterfalls and rapids, it absorbs more than its share of oxygen. Harmful bacteria die rapidly in such water. And fish, especially game fish such as trout, find it a perfect spot to live.

The mountain stream has a lesson for us. It is the obstacles which get in our way and seem to impede us, that make our lives interesting, beautiful, and worthwhile. In reading biographies of great men, which we should all do as young people, we find the most interesting phase of their lives to be the early days of struggle, deprivation, and hardship. The dullest kind of life possible is one devoid of struggle. Take away the discipline of doing without, of working for what we want, of suffering for a great cause, and you create a dull, childish, uninteresting personality. Many boys and girls have been spoiled by having everything their own way. God could have made us like a spider, the creature that has nothing to learn. The spider is born with completely developed instincts. It knows, the second it pops out of its tiny egg, just how to build a perfect spider web, catch flies, and be a model spider. Human beings are not so. We must struggle, struggle, struggle, to become grown-up, mature children of God. And it is the obstacles we encounter and conquer that make us better people. If you learn the mountain stream’s complete lesson, you’ll even have fun while overcoming handicaps. It sings, hums, roars, and laughs its way around the rocks. It actually seems to have fun. And your most interesting experiences in life will be overcoming obstacles. Life is dull without a struggle against odds. It is made rich by exertion.

Article taken from Agape Love Divine Ministries

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